Jun 18, 2024  

Health Professions Preparation CSC

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Purpose: The Health Professions Preparation Career Studies Certificate (CSC) serves to prepare students for competitive admission into the Nursing AAS  program with the majority of general education courses completed. The career studies certificate also provides a starting point for students pursuing other health professions at other institutions. An additional purpose is to provide an occupational credential for entry-level, non-licensed employment in various health care settings.

Occupational Objectives: Completion of this certificate will prepare individuals to further their education in a health career program or gain entry-level, non-licensed employment in various health care settings.

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, all students will be required to demonstrate college readiness for English and math through transcript review or informed self-placement. Based on this review students may be advised to enroll in corequisite math and/or English courses. 

Graduation from the Health Professions Preparation program does not guarantee admission into the ADN program.


  • Prepare students for non-licensed entry-level employment in various health care settings.
  • Provide a pathway for the health-related degrees.

Total: 14 credits

Total: 14 credits

Total Credits: 28