Jul 18, 2024  

2022-2023 NRCC Catalog - College Goals

  1. Teaching, Learning and Student Success

To ensure that teaching and learning remain the institution’s focus.

  1. Student Access and Opportunity

To ensure that all citizens in the service region have access to the college’s programs and services and the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

  1. Resources and Advocacy

To expand the college’s funding base and to enhance the college’s image on a local, state, national, and (where appropriate) international basis.

  1. Technology and Campus Environment

To build and sustain a world-class technology environment; to provide a teaching and learning environment that is inviting, safe, and attractive, and that addresses the space needs of the college.

  1. Workforce Development

To provide high quality training for employers and individuals within the service region.

  1. Organizational Excellence

To continue to plan for the college’s future development, to achieve the highest possible quality in the college’s programs and services while meeting all mandated requirements, and to provide outstanding customer service to all; and to provide progressive management and support of the college’s human resources while recognizing that people are the college’s most important resource.