May 18, 2024  

Machine Shop Operations Diploma

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Purpose: This diploma program is designed to provide industry with personnel trained in advanced machine tool concepts and modern production procedures. Graduates will be prepared to accept full-time employment in the machinist field upon completion of the prescribed curriculum.

Occupational Objectives: CNC Operator • Industrial Machinery Mechanic • Inspector (Quality Control) • Machine Tool Operator • Machine Tool Set-up Operator • Machinist • Materials Inspector • Mechanical Inspector • Numerical and Process Programmer • Numerical Control Machine Tool Operator

Admission Requirements: MAC 106  is a co-requisite to the first semester if it is not articulated.

Program Requirements: The Machine Shop Operations curriculum consists of instruction in the various subject areas necessary for competency in the machinist field. Approximately one-half of the curriculum is devoted to the setting-up and physical operation of various machine tools with the remaining courses in related subjects and general education. Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisor or an academic advisor to plan their program. Upon completion of the four-semester curriculum, the student will be awarded a diploma in Machine Shop Operations.

Four-Semester (Two Year) Program

Total: 15 credits

Total: 14 credits

Third Semester (Fall)

Total: 14 credits

Total: 17 credits

Total Minimum Credits: 60