Apr 17, 2024  

Accounting AAS

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Purpose: The Associate of Applied Science degree program in Accounting is designed primarily for persons who seek full-time and part-time employment in the accounting field immediately upon completion of the community college program.

Occupational Objectives: Accountant • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Clerk • Billing and Cost Clerk • Bookkeeper • Auditor • Budget Analyst • Information and Records Clerk • Order Clerk • Payroll Clerk • Shipping/Receiving Clerk • Tax Accountant • Teller

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into the Associate of Applied Science degree program in Accounting requires English prerequisites as described in the catalog. Additionally, students should have command of the fundamental processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

Program Requirements: The first two semesters (first year) of the Associate of Applied Science degree program in Accounting are similar to other curricula in business. In the second year, students will pursue their specialty in accounting. The curriculum will include technical courses in accounting, courses in related areas, general education, and electives. Instruction will include both theoretical concepts and practical applications needed for future success in accounting.

Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisor or an academic advisor to plan a program and select electives. Courses within this program may be applied to four-year colleges at the discretion of those institutions. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester curriculum listed here, the student will receive the Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing A.A.S. degree requirements should inform their academic advisors at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements. Students who plan to transfer should take MTH 161