Jun 18, 2024  

2024-2025 NRCC Catalog - NRCC Classified Staff

Ryan Adams
Veteran/Dependents Student Services Advisor, Admissions and Records

Stephanie Addikis
Adult Career Coach and Community Outreach Specialist, Student Services

Emily Armstrong
Student Services Advisor, Student Services

Stacey Ayers
Non-Credit Enrollment/Records Specialist, Workforce Development & External Relations

Danielle Basham
Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Rachael Bessler
Student Accounts Specialist, Business Office

Katherine Bisset
NRCC Christiansburg Site Manager, Christiansburg site/Student Services

Ashlyn Black
Information Center Operator, Workforce Development & External Relations/Public Information

Charles Black
eLearning Student Support Specialist, Online Learning

Brian M. Bolling
Technology Services Manager, Information Technology

Grace Bocchino
FastForward/G3 Career Coach, Student Services

David L. Boyd
Trades Technician III, Facilities Services

Kimberly D. Brewer
Interpreter, Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Katie Brown
Development and Financial Aid Specialist, Educational Foundation

Michelle Burke
Media Specialist, Information Technology

Amy Carden
IT Help Desk Specialist, Information Technology

Kayla Coake
Data Technical Specialist, Admissions and Records

Joseph R. Covey
Senior HVAC Technician, Facilities Services

Shauna Crosscup
Financial Aid Manager, Financial Aid

Michael Hammond
Application Developer, Innovative Technology Center

Sheila Hart
International Student Advisor, Admissions and Records

Dani Hood
Administrative Assistant/Student Welcome Center Operator, Student Services

Dylan Jackson
Electrician, Facilities Services

Jeremy Jones
Student Services Advisor, Student Services

Timothy A. Jones
Director for Information Technology, Innovative Technology Center and Facilities Services

Kelly Kaiser
Public Relations Assistant, Public Relations & Marketing

Adam Lawson
Academic Assistance Manager, Instruction and Student Services

Samual Tyler Lundy
Media Specialist Manager, Information Technology

Rick D. Maitri
Graphics Coordinator, Information Technology

Dylan Moore
Web Designer/Developer, Innovative Technology Center

Travis Newman
Web and Graphics Services Manager, Innovative Technology Center

Ronald D. Nichols
Facilities Services Manager, Facilities Services

Sheryl A. Page
Accountant, Business Office

Tiffany Pannell
Payroll Specialist, Human Resources

Faye Elaine Powell-Hawkins
Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Kathy Ridpath
Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Jay Rimmer
Circulation Assistant, Library

Jill W. Ross
Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations & Marketing

Dale L. Shelor
Network Engineer, Information Technology

William Shimkus
Master Electrician, Facilities Services

Odessa Shupe
Administrative Assistant, Division of Business and Technologies

Jennifer Simmons
Student Services Advisor, Student Services

Angie Simpkins
Benefits Specialist, Human Resources

Jeannie C. Southern
Administrative Support Specialist/Program Planner, Workforce Development & External Relations

Brooke Taylor-Davis
Administrative Assistant, Arts and Sciences

Joshua Taylor
Application Specialist, Information Technology

Lynn T. Taylor
Administrative Assistant, Instruction and Student Services

Richard (Troy) Viars
Web Designer/Developer, Innovative Technology Center

B. Diane Viers
Testing Center Manager, Online Learning

Jack Watkins
Student Resources Advisor, Student Services

Stacie Whitlock
Human Resources Manager, Human Resource

Julie Woodyard-Gilmore
Accounts Receivable Specialist, Business Office

Roy W. Worrell
Master Mechanic, Facilities Services