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2021-2022 College Catalog - Vision, Mission



“Through forward-looking leadership, efficient management and the deep commitment of faculty and staff to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment, the college aims not only to meet the educational challenges of the coming decades, but to welcome them. Accordingly, New River Community College embraces the following beliefs:

“That student learning is the ultimate priority for the college and to best serve students there must be maintained the highest level of commitment achieved by focusing on the teaching/learning process and by providing support for the personal development of each student served;

“That instruction must remain the primary function of the college, with other college functions to be supportive of or complementary to the instructional program;

“That access to higher education must be provided to all who can benefit from it;

“That high quality must be maintained in all programs and services through instructional excellence, competency of faculty and staff, on-going curriculum development and improvement, and effective processes for assessment of quality;

“That the college must foster a spirit of innovation through technological advancements and through continuous improvement of programs and services;

“That a positive institutional climate must be maintained which supports high ethical standards, professionalism, faculty and staff development, and an inclusive environment based on dignity and respect for all persons;

“That the college must be community centered as reflected by comprehensive and affordable programming, linkages and partnerships with other organizations, community outreach efforts, fostering of an appreciation for education in the community, and continued responsiveness to community needs;

“That the college must support multi-cultural diversity as well as equal opportunity for all persons, and that the institution must be outward looking as it fulfills its local mission;

“That the college must focus continually on institutional effectiveness with emphasis on accountability, assessment, good management practices, employability of graduates, comprehensive planning processes, and the overall improvement of organizational effectiveness.”




New River Community College (NRCC), a member of the Virginia Community College System, subscribes to the tenets set forth in the system’s mission statement: “We give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop the right skills so lives and communities are strengthened.”

In addition, NRCC is committed to the ideal that communities are strengthened when all members are offered opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, social class, economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, personal identity or physical or mental capability. NRCC strives to support individuals in understanding and embracing their roles as citizens while enhancing their sense of self-esteem, personal security and autonomy.

In meeting the educational needs of the New River Valley, the college assumes a responsibility to provide educational opportunities through collaborative efforts with local industries, businesses, government institutions and non-profit organizations. NRCC also seeks to strengthen lives by promoting regional economic development and is dedicated to engaging in partnerships with higher education institutions, public schools and other entities.

In fulfilling its mission, NRCC offers a variety of certificate, diploma, associate degree and workforce development programs. The institution is committed to assisting students with decisions concerning their educational, career and personal goals and being a place that brings together people of disparate experience while fostering community and cultural enrichment.


Updated June 2021


NRCC Mission Statement Review Schedule

2015 Review completed
2020 Review by faculty, staff and college constituencies (January)
Community input survey (February-March)
Review by College Board (June)
2025 Review by faculty, staff and college constituencies (January)
Review by College Board (March)
2030 Review by faculty, staff and college constituencies (January)
Community input survey (February-March)
Review by College Board (June)
2035 Review by faculty, staff and college constituencies (January)
Review by College Board (March)
As needed Additional review within 12 months of any revision of the Virginia
Community College System mission statement