Jun 18, 2024  

2017-2018 NRCC Catalog - NRCC Classified Staff

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Phyllis M. Anderson
Nursing Admissions Advisor, Admissions and Records

Katherine Bisset
NRCC Mall Site Manager, NRV Mall Site/Student Services

Brian M. Bolling
Interim Director of Technology Services, Information Technology

David L. Boyd
Trades Technician III, Facilities Services

Kimberly D. Brewer
Interpreter, Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Gary W. Bryant
Library Specialist for Circulation, Library

Monica W. Carden
Procurement Officer, Business Office

Sheryl A. Carter
Fiscal Technician, Business Office

Luther J. Clyburn, Jr.
Master Electrician, Facilities Services

Brad D. Collins
Information Center Operator, Student Services

Joseph R. Covey
Senior HVAC Technician, Facilities Services

Beckie A. Cox
Rapid Response Coordinator, Workforce Development & External Relations

Wayne Cressell
Network Engineer, Information Technology

Shauna Crosscup
Financial Aid Manager, Financial Aid

Ann Doggette
Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid

Carli Dotson
Administrative Assistant, Division of Arts and Sciences

Ernest B. Garter, Jr.
Senior Maintenance Technician, Facilities Services

Hilda M. Haga
Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development & External Relations

Sheila Hart
International Student Advisor, Admissions and Records

Ellen Hawks
Human Resource Analyst, Human Resource Office

Timothy A. Jones
Director for Information Technology, Innovative Technology Center

Kelly Kaiser
Public Relations Assistant, Workforce Development & External Relations/Public Information

Candace J. Mady
Coordinator of eLearning Support and Services, Distance Education

Rick D. Maitri
Graphics Coordinator, Innovative Technology Center

Kim Matthews
Workforce Career and Credentials Coach

Jackie S. McClanahan
Human Resource Analyst, Human Resource Office

José M. Melendez
Manager of Media Services, Information Technology

Alisa C. Mercer
Instructional Center Technician, Distance Education

Dylan Moore
Web Designer/Developer, Innovative Technology Center

Travis Newman
Applications Developer, Information Technology

Anthony (Tony) J. Nicolo
Director, Facilities Services

Belinda Nuckols
Academic Assistance Manager, Academic Assistance

Leslie Poe
Student Accounts Specialist, Business Office

Faye Elaine Powell
Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Kathy Ridpath
Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Glenda J. Salerno
Administrative Assistant, Student Services

Dale L. Shelor
Network Engineer, Information Technology

Odessa Shupe
Administrative Staff Assistant, Instruction and Student Services

Jeannie C. Southern
Administrative Support Specialist/Program Planner, Workforce Development & External Relations

Jonathon C. Surratt
Web and Graphics Services Manager, Innovative Technology Center

Joyce K. Taylor
Public Relations Specialist, Workforce Development & External Relations/Public Information

Lynn T. Taylor
Administrative Assistant, Division of Business and Technologies

Nicholas Tolar
Media Services Technician, Media Services, Information Technology

Erika Tolbert
Events Coordinator, Foundation Office

Richard (Troy) Viars
Web Designer/Developer, Information Technology

B. Diane Viers
TV/Video Production Specialist, Distance Education

Nancy L. Waddle
IT Help Desk Coordinator, Information Technology

Julie Woodyard-Gilmore
Cashier and A/R Technician, Business Office

Roy W. Worrell
Master Mechanic, Facilities Services