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Engineering-Computer Science Specialization AA&S

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These programs are intended for transfer purposes. It is important that any student interested in transferring to a four-year college or university consult with his/her academic advisor.

Award: Associate of Arts and Sciences

Length: Four-Semester (Two-Year) Program

Purpose: The College and University Transfer program is designed for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree program at a four-year college or university, or who are not yet prepared to select a definite career objective.

Admission Requirements: The student must meet the entrance requirements established by the college. Students are urged to check the mathematics requirements of the four-year college or university to determine the proper mathematics course to be taken at the community college. In addition, they should contact the appropriate four-year institution to determine the transferability of elective courses.

Program Requirements: Specific courses required for the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree are intended to provide a balanced foundation in liberal education.

Note: Although a course fulfills a requirement for an NRCC program, it is possible the course will not fulfill a requirement at a four-year institution. Students who plan to transfer need to determine the four-year institution’s requirements prior to course selection. General transfer information is available at

Students who have not had prior Computer Programming classes in languages such as Java, Visual Basic.NET, C++ or Python/Jython should take CSC 200   before taking CSC 201 , CSC 202 .

Students transferring to Virginia Tech may consider taking MTH 266  or MTH 288 . For students planning to transfer to Virginia Tech under the Virginia Tech Engineering Articulation Agreement PHY 232  is required.

Four-Semester (Two Year) Program

Total: 18 credits

Second Semester (Spring)

Total: 15 credits

Total: 17 credits

Total: 13 credits

Total Minimum Credits: 63

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