Sep 17, 2021  

Information Technology-Cyber Security Specialization AAS

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Information Technology (with a specialization in Cyber Security)

Purpose: The rapid growth of the Internet, on-line databases, and e-commerce has increased the demand for technicians who understand IT security. The Cyber Security specialization curriculum prepares the student to enter the job market as an entry level cyber security specialist, network security technician, or penetration tester.

Occupational Objectives: Computer Industrial Technician • Network Security Technician • Cyber Security Specialist • Penetration Tester

Admission Requirements: Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing the Specialization degree requirements should inform their faculty advisors at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses that meet transfer requirements.

Program Requirements: The Cyber Security specialization is a two-year program combining instruction required for competence as a technician in an industrial or business environment. The first year of the Cyber Security specialization program is designed to establish general computer concepts. The second year develops this base in a number of important areas such as specific training in scripting, cryptography, information assurance, cyber threats, IT system components and networking technologies.

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