Apr 15, 2024  

Operator CSC

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Purpose: The career studies certificate program is a response to the non-conventional short-term program of studies needed by many adults within the college’s region. It offers a series of specialized program options which represent a wide variety of adult career and academic interest course areas. The options within this program are intended to represent the minimum amount of college course work considered representative of these fields of study. Each of the program options is designed as a distinct “mini-curriculum” within a broader range of adult educational possibilities.

Admission Requirements: Applicants should meet the general requirements for admission to the college. Placement tests may be required in some areas.

The program is designed to train persons for full-time employment as operators in a process manufacturing plant. Individuals seeking employment as production line workers with operator and control responsibilities will benefit most from this topical training program. After an overview of important, need-to-know pre-technical foundation skills like measurements and safety, students receive intensive instruction principles of electricity, instrumentation and process control equipment, chemistry, and statistical quality control. Preventive maintenance procedures and standard troubleshooting techniques round out the curriculum.

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