Apr 15, 2024  

Human Services AAS

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Purpose: The Associate of Applied Science in Human Services is designed to prepare highly skilled graduates for employment in a wide variety of human services settings, to update and enrich the capacities of those persons presently employed in the human services field, and to prepare students for transfer to a bachelor degree program in human services, social work, psychology, counseling, sociology, or other related field. Graduates develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for professional work in community service agencies and organizations and informed by the National Organization for Human Services.

Occupational Objectives: Human Services Assistant • Social Work Assistant • Mental Health Aide • Life Skills Counselor • Gerontology Aide • Crisis Intervention Assistant • Family Services Provider • Case Management Aide • Program Coordinator • Community Outreach Worker • Benefits Specialist • Child Care Assistant • Disabilities Aide • Rehabilitation Aide

Admission Requirements: In addition to the requirements for general admission to the college, a personal interview with the program head is recommended. Placement tests in some areas may be required.

Program Requirements: The Human Services program is about people working with people. The program is designed to provide about one-third of its requirements in general education and the remainder in human services related courses. To get the most benefit from the program, students should work closely with their faculty advisor in planning their curriculum and their field experiences. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing the Associate of Applied Science degree requirements in Human Services should inform their academic advisor at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements.

The student will spend a minimum of 450 hours working in supervised internships in social service settings, approved by the program head. Application for internship should be made the semester prior to placement. Students should note that agencies may require a criminal background report and/or a child abuse central registry search and/or a TB test as a prerequisite to beginning the internship experience. An agency may deny participation for findings on the reports. Affiliation agreements prevent the placement of a student who is denied internship participation at one facility into an internship agreement at another agency. Inability to meet the internship requirements prevents the student from satisfactorily achieving the course objectives resulting in failure of the course.

Students are required to go through an oral interview at the conclusion of the program for assessment purposes. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester program, students are awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree in Human Services.

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