Jan 25, 2020  
2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook

College Campus and Facilities

nrcc students 

Christiansburg Location/Mall Site

New River Community College’s Christiansburg site, located inside New River Valley Mall, offers increased educational opportunities to residents of the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and the city of Radford. An extensive range of programs is offered at this site, including, but not limited to:

  • college transfer
  • computer science
  • general education
  • engineering design technology
  • engineering
  • information technology
  • physics
  • career and technical education areas

Services offered at this site include:

  • academic advising
  • placement testing
  • financial aid assistance
  • registration and payment for all NRCC courses
  • international student advising
  • academic assistance (tutoring)
  • career services
  • a distance learning classroom
  • distance learning courses/course support
  • computer labs
  • science labs
  • learning resource support
  • Workforce Development classes
  • NRCC Middle College classes

Hours of Operation for the Mall site.

No tests will be given out during the last two hours of operation. Hours vary during summer term, holiday and semester breaks.

While inside the New River Community College NRV Mall site, students are expected to adhere to the NRCC Code of Conduct  . Elsewhere in the mall, please note guidelines of behavior set forth by the management of New River Valley Mall Code of Conduct.

Community Use of Grounds

The picnic shelter is available for community use as well as for college students. For use of NRCC facilities, contact the Division of Arts and Sciences, Godbey Hall, at extension (540) 674-3600, ext. 4281.

Learning Park

The NRCC Learning Park includes a gazebo and was developed as an educational arboretum. The park was developed with funds from the C.E. Free and Ona Belle Free Charitable Trust. Smoking is not allowed in the Learning Park. The Learning Park is located near parking lot A and Edwards Hall.


Students must register their vehicles with the Security Office, located inside the main entrance of Godbey Hall. An NRCC parking permit for the current year will be issued for each vehicle that is registered and must be visible and affixed to the rear view mirror. Motorcycle parking is permitted in the crossed-out areas. The NRV Mall site does not require an NRCC parking permit while attending classes at this location. Students must have a state issued handicapped parking permit to park in the handicapped spaces at the Mall site. NRCC parking permits for handicapped persons are valid for the Dublin campus only. For handicapped parking areas at the Dublin campus, refer to the campus map located at the front of this handbook. There is no cost for parking permits. Student permits are valid from June 1 to May 31 and must be renewed each year.

Illegal Parking

Parking is not allowed in the following areas:

  • fire lanes,
  • along painted curbs,
  • by fire hydrants,
  • no parking zones,
  • driveways and entrances,
  • on the grass, or
  • incorrect parking between lines.

Illegally parking in handicapped spaces carries a fine of $15. All other violations are $5 and can be paid in the Business Office or mailed in the ticket envelope. Unpaid tickets will delay issuance of transcripts and future registration for classes. For more information, visit the Security Services  website or call (540) 674-3600, ext. 3646.

Reservation of Campus Facilities

Need to reserve a room for a meeting or event? Call (540) 674-3600, ext. 4281 or (866) 462-6722, for use of college facilities or email mlmelton@nr.edu.

Speed Limit

There is a 10 mile per hour speed limit in all campus parking lots and a 25 mile per hour speed limit on College Drive, the state road leading into the college. State police sometimes monitor the speed of vehicles.