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2018-2019 NRCC Catalog - Course Descriptions

NRCC students

 Course Number

Courses numbered 01-09 are courses for developmental programs. The credits earned in these courses do not apply toward associate degree programs; but if the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services approves, some developmental courses may provide credit which may apply to basic occupational, diploma, or certificate programs.

Courses numbered 10-99 are freshman courses for diploma and certificate programs. The credits earned in these courses will apply toward diploma and certificate programs but will not apply toward an associate degree.

Courses numbered 100-199 are freshman courses which will apply toward an associate degree and/or certificate and diploma programs.

Courses numbered 200-299 are sophomore courses which will apply toward an associate degree and/or certificate and diploma programs.

Course Credits

The credit for each course is shown after the title in the course description. One credit is equal to one college semester hour.

Course Hours

The number of lecture hours in class each week (including lecture, seminar, and discussion hours) and/or the number of lab hours in class each week (including lab, shop, supervised practice, and cooperative work experience) are shown for each course in the course description. The number of lecture hours and lab hours in class each week are also called “contact” hours because the time is spent under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Besides the lecture and lab hours in class each week, students must also spend out-of-class time on assignments. Usually each credit per course requires an average of three hours of in-class and out-of-class study each week.

Course Co-requisites

Occasionally, courses numbered 195 or 199 are required as co-requisites for other courses.

Course Prerequisites

If any prerequisites are required before enrolling in a course, these prerequisites will be identified in the course description. Courses in special sequences (usually identified by the numerals I-II-III) require that prior courses or their equivalent be completed before enrolling in the advanced courses in the sequence. When co-requisites are required for a course, the co-requisites must be taken at the same time. The prerequisites or their equivalent must be completed satisfactorily before enrolling in a course unless special permission is obtained from the Dean and the instructional department.

Prerequisites for English 111

English placement tests will be given. Students who do not have adequate proficiency will be placed in developmental English courses. Students should keep in mind that most textbooks are written on or above tenth grade reading levels; therefore, those who score low on the English placement test should take a developmental English course before taking courses which require intensive reading such as social science courses or higher level English courses. In addition to proficiency tests, the student must be able to demonstrate an understanding of writing and be able to adequately support the controlling idea in an essay. The student must use appropriate word choice and coherent sentence structure. The student’s eligibility for ENG 111  will be determined by proficiency test and a writing sample.

Mathematics Course Changes Fall 2018

As of fall semester 2018, all mathematics course offerings will change across the Virginia Community College System. To view previous courses and descriptions, go to the archived catalog 2017-2018 or before.


Electrical Technology

   •  ELE 233 Programmable Logic Controller Systems I
   •  ELE 239 Programmable Controllers
   •  ELE 246 Industrial Robotics Programming
   •  ELE 297 Cooperative Education in Electrical Technology
   •  ELE 298 Seminar and Project in Electrical Technology

Electronics Technology

   •  ETR 113 D.C. & A.C. Fundamentals I
   •  ETR 114 D.C. & A.C. Fundamentals II
   •  ETR 167 Logic Circuits and Systems
   •  ETR 197 Cooperative Education in Electronics Technology
   •  ETR 199 Supervised Study in Electronics Technology
   •  ETR 203 Electronic Devices I
   •  ETR 231 Principles of Lasers and Fiber Optics I
   •  ETR 241 Electronic Communications I
   •  ETR 249 Electrical Control Systems
   •  ETR 297 Cooperative Education in Electronics Technology
   •  ETR 298 Seminar and Project in Electronics Technology
   •  ETR 299 Supervised Study in Electronics Technology

Energy Technology

   •  ENE 228 Building Automation and Energy Management Systems


   •  EGR 115 Engineering Graphics
   •  EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering
   •  EGR 126 Computer Programming for Engineers
   •  EGR 140 Engineering Mechanics - Statics
   •  EGR 245 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
   •  EGR 246 Mechanics of Materials
   •  EGR 248 Thermodynamics for Engineering


   •  ENG 108 Critical Reading and Study Skills
   •  ENG 111 College Composition I
   •  ENG 112 College Composition II
   •  ENG 115 Technical Writing
   •  ENG 116 Writing for Business
   •  ENG 121 Introduction to Journalism I
   •  ENG 122 Introduction to Journalism II
   •  ENG 211 Creative Writing I
   •  ENG 212 Creative Writing II
   •  ENG 221 Advanced Journalism I
   •  ENG 241 Survey of American Literature I
   •  ENG 242 Survey of American Literature II
   •  ENG 243 Survey of English Literature I
   •  ENG 244 Survey of English Literature II
   •  ENG 250 Children’s Literature
   •  ENG 251 Survey of World Literature I
   •  ENG 252 Survey of World Literature II
   •  ENG 261 Advanced Creative Writing I
   •  ENG 268 The Modern Drama
   •  ENG 273 Women in Literature I
   •  ENG 278 Appalachian Literature
   •  ENG 279 Film and Literature

English Fundamentals

   •  ENF 1 Preparing for College English I
   •  ENF 2 Preparing for College English II
   •  ENF 3 Preparing for College English III

Environmental Science

   •  ENV 100 Basic Environmental Science
   •  ENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Technology I

Financial Services

   •  FIN 107 Personal Finance
   •  FIN 215 Financial Management


   •  FRE 101 Beginning French I
   •  FRE 102 Beginning French II

Geographic Information Systems

   •  GIS 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology I


   •  GEO 210 People and the Land: An Introduction to Cultural Geography
   •  GEO 220 World Regional Geography


   •  GOL 105 Physical Geology
   •  GOL 106 Historical Geology


   •  GER 101 Beginning German I
   •  GER 102 Beginning German II


   •  HLT 100 First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
   •  HLT 110 Concepts of Personal and Community Health
   •  HLT 115 Introduction to Personal and Community Health
   •  HLT 116 Personal Wellness
   •  HLT 135 Child Health and Nutrition
   •  HLT 230 Principles of Nutrition and Human Development

Health Information Management

   •  HIM 101 Health Information Technology I
   •  HIM 103 Health Information Technology II
   •  HIM 111 Medical Terminology I
   •  HIM 112 Medical Terminology II
   •  HIM 163 Anatomy and Physiology for Administrative Health Professionals
   •  HIM 233 Electronic Health Records Management
   •  HIM 253 Health Records Coding
   •  HIM 254 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement
   •  HIM 290 Coordinated Internship in Health Information Management


   •  HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I
   •  HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II
   •  HIS 121 United States History I
   •  HIS 122 United States History II
   •  HIS 266 Military History of the Civil War
   •  HIS 267 The Second World War
   •  HIS 277 The American Experience in Vietnam
   •  HIS 279 Age of the American Revolution
   •  HIS 281 History of Virginia I
   •  HIS 282 History of Virginia II

Human Services

   •  HMS 100 Introduction to Human Services
   •  HMS 121 Basic Counseling Skills I
   •  HMS 141 Group Dynamics I
   •  HMS 227 The Helper as a Change Agent
   •  HMS 236 Gerontology
   •  HMS 251 Substance Abuse I
   •  HMS 290 Coordinated Internship in Human Services

Industrial Engineering Technology

   •  IND 230 Applied Quality Control
   •  IND 250 Introduction to Basic Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Information Technology Design and Database

   •  ITD 110 Web Page Design I
   •  ITD 112 Designing Web Page Graphics
   •  ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile Applications

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